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Post by jfoo on Mon Jul 04, 2016 3:05 pm

Formerly a General Medical Officer in the United States Navy, Nathan Lewis was medically discharged after an accident forced the removal of his right leg just below the knee. Rather than going to work at a hospital after being fitted with a prosthetic he took a job on a cargo ship, due to his love of the open sea. He started as a wiper in the engine department and in 4 years has worked his way up to 3rd Engineer, eying a promotion to 2nd.

Name:  Nathan Lewis
Age:  28

Virtue:  Temperance
Vice:  Envy

Concept:  3rd Engineer, Cargo Ship
Chronicle:  World of Dopness

Health:  7
Willpower:  4


Intelligence:  3
Wits:  3
Resolve:  2

Strength:  2
Dexterity:  3
Stamina:  2

Presence:  2
Manipulation:  2
Composure:  2


Academics:  2
Computer:  2
Crafts:  2  *Specialties:  Mechanical Systems; Electrical Systems
Investigation:  0
Medicine:  3  *Specialty:  Emergency Care
Occult:  0
Politics:  0
Science:  2

Athletics:  0
Brawl:  1
Drive:  0
Firearms:  2
Larceny:  0
Stealth:  1
Survival:  1
Weaponry:  2

Animal Ken:  0
Empathy:  1
Expression:  0
Intimidation:  2
Persuasion:  1
Socialize:  0
Streetwise:  0
Subterfuge:  0


Resources:  4
Language - Urdu:  3

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